Land Rover Discovery or Defender TD5 ECU with 2 performance Map's

changeable at the flick of a switch (MSB2NNN)
Plug & Play

(2002 onwards) 15p engine



This ECU is an MSB converted to use NNN 15p Maps and works the same as NNN but can't be remapped but has a socket so chip can be swapped if needed.


This ECU also has a Turbo Boost Unit built in.

full ECU with 2 performance Map's (fast economy & full power) .

better fuel economy approximately 30% more power and torque

switch from one map to another instantly, even when accelerating. has a wire that comes from the ECU with a switch to switch between both Map's

This ECU is ready to plug in and use without having to program anything (plug & play).

instant upgrade very easy and swap from car to car if needed.

Please let me know if you want Discovery (auto or man) or Defender on purchase.

Phone Mastaz 07952370930 or email for more info.

I will post to most parts of the world.

750 plus postage

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