Land Rover Defender Puma 2.4 TDCI ECU with performance remap

full ECU with performance remap and paired AS10 unit and 2 remote alarm fobs.

Also has EGR totally deleted and speed limit removed.

better fuel economy

ECU is fully remapable for future map changes

approximately 40% more power and torque

This ECU is ready to plug in and use without having to program anything.

instant upgrade very easy and swap from car to car if needed.

Just replace your ECU and AS10 unit(green box up behind drivers side speaker in dash) with ones supplied then use supplied remote fobs and that's it job done.


If you want none alarm spec. with no remote fob's just let me know.


contact MASTAZ 07952370930 or for details and payments

I will post to most parts of the world.

720 Plus Postage

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